Book News: Cover Reveal

Things are getting pretty exciting in Book-land. The cover is ready. I also sent the finished files to the interior designer this morning. We’ll work together to get a printer ready version and an ebook version queued up so everything is ready for the launch in June. We’re eighty-eight days away from going live. IContinue reading “Book News: Cover Reveal”

The Exception

I vented a little in yesterday’s post, lamenting the lack of usable comps and writers of mental health memoirs who are with it. I neglected to mention someone who’s work I admire. The inimitable, the amazing…Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. This woman has written multiple best sellers, maintained a killer blog and is scorchingly hilarious.Continue reading “The Exception”

…And Exhale

Well, I got my editor’s notes regarding my draft memoir on Friday. In an attempt to prepare myself for the worst, I imagined all the negative things she could have written. None of those things came to pass. She also did not declare the book the greatest thing she’d ever read. I knew there’d beContinue reading “…And Exhale”