Reflections on an Aught

One of my pet peeves is when speech writers or journalists seek to define a word by opening with a dictionary entry. I truly hate it. But the word “aught” is special. It literally means everything or nothing, depending on the usage. For my purposes, describing 2020, it is a big fat zero. Most ofContinue reading “Reflections on an Aught”

Timing is Everything

In general, Covid quarantine started out quietly terrifying while I tried to look on the bright side. What a wonderful opportunity to hangout together. We’ll spend quality time watching movies with oil-popped corn or playing cards. The cabinet, full of board games, will be revisited. We’ll wait out these few short weeks until, like magic,Continue reading “Timing is Everything”

The Thinning Tether

I hesitate to write about how I’m feeling during quarantine. I want so badly to be positive and upbeat, bordering on Pollyanna-ish, but my outlook is being tested as of late. Work on editing my memoir has settled into the doldrums. It’s not for lack of material. It feels like I’m in mile twenty-four ofContinue reading “The Thinning Tether”

Bonnie and Biking

I’m doing the best I can with the current situation. Certain elements are easier than others. Reading, cooking, staying home for days at a time, meditating, exercising…ah, hold up. Physical exertion and I are not close pals. In kindergarten, I argued with my teacher when she asked us all to perform calisthenics. “Colleen, exercise isContinue reading “Bonnie and Biking”

Perfection Achieved*

I have another story to tell you. This family photo was my Christmas card thirty-one years ago. One of my dearest friends received it and declared the image and my family perfect. I politely thanked her and marveled at how one click of a camera lens can convey such deception. I’m coming to grips withContinue reading “Perfection Achieved*”

The Exception

I vented a little in yesterday’s post, lamenting the lack of usable comps and writers of mental health memoirs who are with it. I neglected to mention someone who’s work I admire. The inimitable, the amazing…Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess. This woman has written multiple best sellers, maintained a killer blog and is scorchingly hilarious.Continue reading “The Exception”