Timing is Everything

Relax In general, Covid quarantine started out quietly terrifying while I tried to look on the bright side. What a wonderful opportunity to hangout together. We’ll spend quality time watching movies with oil-popped corn or playing cards. The cabinet, full of board games, will be revisited. We'll wait out these few short weeks until, like [...]

That Friend

Here’s what I posted as a guest blogger on http://thebipolarwriter.blog earlier today. Enjoy!

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Friendship doesn’t come naturally for me. Add a mental health diagnosis and it’s downright fraught. I tend to treat friend making like double Dutch jump rope. I watch some girls jump in, dance around and jump out. I watch for a really long time. Then I finally feel the beat, take the risk and make my move. I end up thwapped in the arm and the ropes are down around my ankles. It’s harder than it looks, apparently.

I’m the intense friend. I put a lot of effort into guessing how other people do it, this friendship thing. I crave connection and yet seem to thwart my objectives by over or under doing it. I’m enthusiastic and have a tendency to overshare. Or I anticipate rejection and clam up, revealing nothing. Where are the instructions for the middle ground?

During this pandemic, I’ve turned into the anxiety ridden friend. I…

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Bonnie and Biking

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash I'm doing the best I can with the current situation. Certain elements are easier than others. Reading, cooking, staying home for days at a time, meditating, exercising...ah, hold up. Physical exertion and I are not close pals. In kindergarten, I argued with my teacher when she asked us all to perform calisthenics. [...]

Happy Easter and an Update

The world has stopped turning...inside my head It's supposed to snow in Minneapolis for Easter. Normally, that would concern me. Not this year. The vertigo that has plagued me for two weeks has finally subsided. It was an amazing series of events leading to the successful treatment I received. I mentioned it in this space [...]