CBD Returns

My how time flies. When we last chatted, winter covered the land. Now spring has sprung, there are buds on the trees and I’m buying sandals. You’re right, it doesn’t take much to get me to buy things, but the change of seasons helps. I dusted off my hosting skills and sat twenty-four for Easter […]

Snow Daze

Alright, it’s winter in Minnesota, I get it. But I’m crying, “Uncle!” Not that it will do much good. My driveway is hopelessly covered by a deep blanket of the white stuff and I had to, again, cancel appointments today. I’m back in my purple bath robe, writing. My progress on my memoir probably is […]

Grown up Kids

As 2018 winds down we wrap up another whirlwind vacation featuring my Fab Four. No longer children, they are adults in their own right. This seems impossible, considering I will never age beyond twenty-five. But my crew are all thirty somethings and I couldn’t be prouder of the human beings they have become. Today my […]