Celebrating Expression

Hello Friends, I learned late in the day that today, March 30, is World Bipolar Day. Being currently in remission, every day feels like a celebration. I feel it’s important to mark the day by being open and forthright, something that’s not always been possible for me personally. I hid my illness for years, orContinue reading “Celebrating Expression”

Book News: Cover Reveal

Things are getting pretty exciting in Book-land. The cover is ready. I also sent the finished files to the interior designer this morning. We’ll work together to get a printer ready version and an ebook version queued up so everything is ready for the launch in June. We’re eighty-eight days away from going live. IContinue reading “Book News: Cover Reveal”

The Challenge

It’s Cold. It’s Quarantine. It’s Okay. A huge portion of the country is frozen over and Minneapolis is no exception. The StarTribune issued a challenge to get outside for thirty minutes a day for thirty days. While it sounded invigorating, I respectfully declined to participate. I walked to my mailbox last night and I feltContinue reading “The Challenge”

Reflections on an Aught

One of my pet peeves is when speech writers or journalists seek to define a word by opening with a dictionary entry. I truly hate it. But the word “aught” is special. It literally means everything or nothing, depending on the usage. For my purposes, describing 2020, it is a big fat zero. Most ofContinue reading “Reflections on an Aught”

Timing is Everything

In general, Covid quarantine started out quietly terrifying while I tried to look on the bright side. What a wonderful opportunity to hangout together. We’ll spend quality time watching movies with oil-popped corn or playing cards. The cabinet, full of board games, will be revisited. We’ll wait out these few short weeks until, like magic,Continue reading “Timing is Everything”

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Today is the highly productive, Tuesday after Labor Day. It also marks five years since I was released from the psychiatric ward after treatment for a manic episode. It wasn’t the first time, but hopefully it will be the last. I’ve accomplished a lot since then but I’m most pleased with maintaining my emotional sobriety.Continue reading “Happy Anniversary, Baby”

The Thinning Tether

I hesitate to write about how I’m feeling during quarantine. I want so badly to be positive and upbeat, bordering on Pollyanna-ish, but my outlook is being tested as of late. Work on editing my memoir has settled into the doldrums. It’s not for lack of material. It feels like I’m in mile twenty-four ofContinue reading “The Thinning Tether”