The Second: A Memoir of Love and Commitment

Will be published June 22, 2021

Colleen Burns Durda Photo by Emily John Photography

An unanticipated pregnancy for a suburban Minneapolis mother of three rocks her world in 1987. Determined to gain control of her life, she seeks care from a friendly OB/GYN. Boundaries blur after the child arrives and she finds herself distracted by the relationship with the doctor. Her marriage threatened and completely unhinged, she takes a leap of faith one hot summer night, and the consequences land her in a psychiatric ward.

With hard earned wisdom and insight, she recalls the intervening years dealing with bipolar disorder, raising her children and the evolution of her marriage after she uncovers a devastating secret. Can the marriage survive? Will the doctor continue to play a role in her life? Alternately funny and moving, The Second: A Memoir of Love and Commitment depicts how mental illness sometimes affects lives right next door.

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