Feeling Exuberant

I think this is my daughter, but the image perfectly captures how I’m feeling today. I could belt out my rendition of Ethel Merman’s “Everything’s Coming up Roses” and it would be congruent to my current state of being. The photo shows a tiny woman (which leads me to believe it’s my daughter and not me) performing in the Lake Harriet Bandshell in south Minneapolis. Granted, the crowds are not there. But can you feel the possibilities? The throngs are coming and the rehearsals will be worth the effort.

Getting my book to this point has been a struggle, to put it mildly. I recently unearthed an old journal from 2002. It felt archaelogical it was so old. All of my children still lived at home, we had a dog and I started writing what was then a novel. I describe getting distracted, procrastination techniques and a general “life gets in the way” set of impediments to finishing. In the fall of 2002 I had three chapters written yet I was picking out my dress to wear to the Oscars when the book gets made into a movie. Wow, no wonder it’s taken me this long to finish.

All these years later, I now possess the skills and fortitude to know what it takes to bring an idea to fruition. I don’t want to dwell or whine about how long it took. I can’t get any of that time back. But I have a 300 page 72,000 word manuscript that’s been thoroughly edited and massaged. I feel good about it. I’m under no delusions it’s perfect; I gave up on that pursuit because it was impossible. It’s my story and I’m proud of it.

My copyeditor is finished and the proof reader will start next week. I’m in the research stage of recording an audio version. I have registered the versions with ISBNs and I have a Library of Congress control number. My cover designer starts this week. The author photos are finished and I’m changing the screen saver every day trying to find the right one. I am so darn excited to have a tangible product to deal with instead of some smoke and mirrors wish and a dream.

On another note, I’m in day twenty-one of my thirty day “get outside once a day” challenge. Some days were harder than others, but it has been invigorating to feel the kiss of winter on my skin and the squeak of the snow under my boots. It’s one of the reasons my mood is in such a pleasant spot. I would highly recommend the challenge to anyone looking to improve their spirits.

With my book undergoing the Wizard of Oz assembly-line style shine and polish, I want to swing my arms open wide with happiness and gratitude. Thank you for your patience with me. Launch is 112 days away. As was sung about one of my role models, Mary Tyler Moore, I’m going to make it after all.


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    1. Thanks, Marti. It was so wild reading that old journal as if I were right around the corner from finishing. I clearly had no idea! Prayers for a vaccine. Might be able to actually have a launch party!

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