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It’s times like this I wish I played the drums. Or the trumpet. After twenty years of fits and starts, promises and deadlines in the dust, my book will be published on June 22, 2021.

I deliberated long into the night about the direction I wanted to take as far as a publishing track. The prospects of a traditional publishing route, with an agent, dimmed as I researched the market for memoirs. They currently make up the largest category by far of manuscripts rejected by agents. Combine that with a one-to-two year delay before publishing, signing away the cover choice and ability to pick the title, no guarantee of marketing support and I took a hard pass.

I’ll spare you the rest of my tortuous deliberations but suffice to say, I researched all aspects of publishing in 2021. Right after the first of the year, I took steps to self-publish. As I write this, a wonderful professional editor in Seattle is working on a copy edit of my tenth draft. There will also be a cover designed and a book designer will format the manuscript for print and ebook. It won’t be me, but I’d like to hire a narrator to do an audio book as well.

I want this to be done right. Working as my own publisher, I have artistic control over all aspects of the process. This actually suits my perfectionistic, dare I say “control freak” sensibilities. I anticipate a few changes to the website are coming as I transition to providing updates for the launch day.

I wanted to let you all know first. I have been the girl that cried “wolf” so many times when I thought I was finished in the past. That was confusing and humbling, to say the least. The date I chose for the launch corresponds to thirty-two years since my diagnosis with bipolar disorder. I know it seems I’ve been writing some version of the story for that long, but it’s only been twenty years. That sounds like an exaggeration but alas, it’s accurate. Five since I switched the genre from a fictional novel to a memoir. I appreciate your patience.

I’m learning more every day about the process of bringing a book to life. There are restrictions about not publishing any excerpts on the internet before it goes live, but some things are known. The title is The Second: A Memoir of Love and Commitment by Colleen Burns Durda. It came in at slightly over 70,000 words, putting the page count around 290.

I have a lot to do to prepare for June 22nd. Knowing you are in my corner, literally, means the world to me.

Light the fuse. Launch in 146 days. Get jazzed.

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6 thoughts on “Big Book News

    1. Tam,
      Thank you so much. I’m very excited to get the show on the road. What a relief to get this far! Thanks for the comment and I’ll keep updating as we get closer.

  1. Congratulations Colleen! I am in awe of your writing skills and dedication to this project. I am anxious to read! Way to go!

    1. Tami,
      Thanks so much for your support! I’m thrilled to finally have a launch date. Your encouragement through the process has been incredibly helpful.
      Your friend, Colleen

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