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Friendship doesn’t come naturally for me. Add a mental health diagnosis and it’s downright fraught. I tend to treat friend making like double Dutch jump rope. I watch some girls jump in, dance around and jump out. I watch for a really long time. Then I finally feel the beat, take the risk and make my move. I end up thwapped in the arm and the ropes are down around my ankles. It’s harder than it looks, apparently.

I’m the intense friend. I put a lot of effort into guessing how other people do it, this friendship thing. I crave connection and yet seem to thwart my objectives by over or under doing it. I’m enthusiastic and have a tendency to overshare. Or I anticipate rejection and clam up, revealing nothing. Where are the instructions for the middle ground?

During this pandemic, I’ve turned into the anxiety ridden friend. I…

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  1. Hi Colleen 👋🏻 This is so me! I have struggled with friendships for a very long time! Either I’m hypomanic and overtly social, life of the party, giving of myself and gifts or I’m depressed and reclusive. I don’t want to be around anyone and let the friendships fleet away! Viscous cycle 😞 Thanks for sharing! Maybe we should be friends 🤷‍♀️ At least we would understand one another 😀 Thanks for posting! Tanya

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