Exploring New Horizons

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This morning, unless something goes awry, I’ll be debuting as a guest contributor on another blog. I’ve joined a team collaborating to write about mental health issues on the blog, The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog. I want to thank James Edgar Skye for extending the invitation. I’ll be posting in both places and I intend to vary the content depending on my capricious nature.

You’ll most likely find a lighter tone on Colleen’s Corner and topics with more edginess and a definite connection to mental health on The Bipolar Writer. Cheers if you’re here for the first time. You’ll notice I eschew exclamation points unless absolutely necessary. Today I’m bidding farewell to the month of April and I’m incredibly excited to see all of the blossoms May will bring.

I hope your day is glorious,

~Colleen (aka CBD)

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2 thoughts on “Exploring New Horizons

  1. Hello 🌸 I’m a guest blogger on there too! My first post was 2 days ago! I have Bipolar 2 and anxiety. Good luck to you! I had many new followers after blogging on the site! Happy to know people are reading the content as I want to reach as many people as possible and break the stigma associated! I believe education is so needed and important to help people understand! Best wishes to you 😊 Tanya

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