Happy Easter and an Update

The world has stopped turning…inside my head

It’s supposed to snow in Minneapolis for Easter. Normally, that would concern me. Not this year. The vertigo that has plagued me for two weeks has finally subsided. It was an amazing series of events leading to the successful treatment I received.

I mentioned it in this space after speaking to my doctors. I got empathy from one doctor and a scrip from another, but no real relief. My friends rallied to my aid with lots of remedies, all of which showed promise. I acted on Carla’s suggestion to try physical therapy. There was a clinic in town still seeing patients in person during the coronavirus crisis and she led me to their door.

A sweet woman greeted me at the clinic the next day. We were both masked. She assessed my condition and treated the vertigo symptoms. As if there were any doubt, she looked at my eyes as the room spun and said, “There it is.” I presented with red arrows moving in circles instead of pupils. Of this I’m certain. I passed the diagnostic tests with flying colors. Her treatment took a few days and some home trials but the spinning and dizziness are gone.

This Easter I’m so grateful to my physical therapist, Jen, my friends Carla, Mary McC and Marti, and my brother Brian. You helped me unrock my world and believe me, that’s a good thing.

Happy Easter!


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