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All things remaining relative, of course. I don’t currently hold a paid position. I’ve recently returned to my sanctuary after a long hiatus. My intention is to resume my meditation practice, get in touch with the Universe and lower my stress level. If I happen to shed a few pounds in the process, so be it.

In the time of coronavirus, everything is stressful. I’ve developed a lovely case of vertigo, which two of my doctors insist is not caused by anxiety but the timing is certainly curious. I feel like I just spent four hours on the Tea Cup ride at Disney World. Driving is a challenge I’m not up for, if I had anywhere to go. So I spend the day doing some of the same things I’ve done for years, like reading, writing, taking walks and messing around on the computer. Now, these hobbies are stress inducing because the walls are spinning and my motor skills are impaired.

I filled a ten-yard dumpster with detritus I had been storing in my basement. With a bit of rearranging, and help from my brother Brian, I made room for a meditation space. There are customizable lights that change color to suit my mood, essential oils, noise canceling headphones, yoga mats and a space heater. I’m all set to relax, except closing my eyes makes the vertigo worse. It seems odd to have to work to chill out but these unusual times call for a tough response.

I’m going to practice de-stressing and try to convince myself it really is an inner ear issue that will soon pass. If I try to wrap my head around the fact a deadly virus has invaded every inhabited country in the world, that doesn’t seem to help. I have to think small, be grateful and sleep sitting up. I’ve endured some difficult days in my career as a human and will get through this too.

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