Time Management-Calling an Audible

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted and some things have changed. I’m adjusting to an unusual surplus of a valuable commodity: time. My schedule has more breathing room now, yet there are occasions I find myself banging on my helmet ala Tom Brady and changing it up after the play’s been called.

I’ve been buried in my manuscript for days, churning out new material to make my deadline. Now I’m watching the snow swirl outside. It’s the first of two polar vortex days my grandson’s school has declared. And it’s supposed to get colder. I’m having fun since he brought over walkie talkies and Nerf guns. He turned ten earlier this month and as all of the other digits have been, it’s the perfect age. We had to call a truce because I got an instant bruise from a shot to the hand.

Today is an unexpected break from routine. I had planned to write a post about how much better my time management skills are when I call an audible. For instance, I’ve got fifteen minutes to leave the house. Curling iron is heated, teeth are brushed, face is washed. Suddenly, my contacts refuse to go into my eyes cleanly and require much urging. I opt for makeup and skip the big hair. Schedule maintained.

For some reason, I could never do that when I was younger. Stubborn to the core, I would be habitually tardy due to refusing to alter my original plan. I definitely had to do it all, regardless of the cost of time.

Next time you’re faced with doing it all or being on time, think about letting a few spinning plates drop. Or if you prefer to stick with one metaphor, call an audible.

See you soon,


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