How was yours? Mine was definitely the least stressed out holiday I can remember hosting. My locally based son and daughter helped with the cooking and shared the day with us. My grandson travelled over the river and through the woods to see his great grandmother with his Dad. And my out of town son and daughter dutifully phoned home while celebrating with friends.

I had lift off of my magic turkey timer three minutes before the scheduled oven timing was to end. I then found a pair of turkey lifters in my gadget drawer. That made my professional mom stock soar higher than a balloon in the Macy’s Parade. I was quickly brought back to earth by Gravy 1, CBD 0. It was not dark or flavorful enough. Oh well, I’ve accomplished other culinary feats and the stuffing was superlative.

After dinner we went to share pie with my family of origin gathered at my sister’s. We played a warm up round of Catch Phrase. One by one the adults migrated into other corners of the house and in their place were my teen and twenty something nieces and nephews. My first reaction was to press my napkin to my lips and quickly excuse myself, but I decided to hang a bit and visit.

They grew weary of not understanding certain phrases on the screen of the ticking game (New York Minute) and switched to 5 Second Rule. After modifying the rules a bit we had a rollicking good time. Two of my nephews started their first jobs and they were making me howl with stories of surly holiday customers. It was delightful getting their perspective on fraudulent coupon use and the complete failure to prepare these kids before throwing them into stores to deal with the general public..

More later but I have to rest,


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